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Life is filled with joys and sorrows, good times and bad. We are much more than a community, we are a family. In each life a rough patch is bound to happen; By coming together and standing by each other we can navigate through any rough road. It is for this reason the "Angels Without Faces” foundation was formed.

 "Angels Without Faces" provides emergency financial assistance to families and individuals who have experienced hardships. Funds are  raised through  various activities including golf outings, dinners, dances and  other  community events which focus not only on financing but also to  increase awareness  and remind all of us all that we are one community.
 "Angels With Out Faces" - Anonymously Given, Anonymously Received.
Helping our Community, One Family at a Time.

People helping People.

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For more information on how you can help or if you are a member of our community  in need of help, please contact Angels Without Faces at

Angels Without Faces "Triple D"
Daily December Draw

Angels "Lottery" Fundraiser!

December 18, 2015: 2-9-7
December 17, 2015: 6-4-7
December 16, 2015: 4-3-1
December 15, 2015: 8-3-4
December 14, 2015: 2-1-4
December 13, 2015: 6-0-8
December 12, 2015: 9-1-3
December 11, 2015: 0-7-8
December 10, 2015: 4-9-4
December 09, 2015: 2-5-5
December 08, 2015: 7-5-3
December 07, 2015: 5-0-4
December 06, 2015: 1-1-8
December 05, 2015: 5-8-8
December 04, 2015: 0-3-1
December 03, 2015: 3-9-2
December 02, 2015: 4-6-8
December 01, 2015: 4-8-3

Join the Angels in Supporting Our Vets!
Bring Holiday Cheer to the Northport VA PTSD Treatment Center!

Help bring Holiday Cheer and support our returning veterans receiving treatment at the Northport VA PTSD Program. The Angels will be raising funds to purchase gift cards to local supermarkets for those veterans.

Please help us in this effort by making a donation online:

Gifts can also be dropped off at Astoria Bank in Kings Park, please label wrapped gifts indicating "For Veterans" and what is inside the package. Thank you 


The best medicine of all, is to know you care!


Our Hero Larry Noon, Purple Heart Vietnam Vet put it best:

"I learned this week that because of last year’s food gift from the Angels Without Faces Family the PTSD clinic has incorporated a cooking class into their treatment plan. A real success has happened here thanks to the Angels Without Faces Community Organization. So we are requesting that this year the Angels help with Gift Cards to local Super Markets, crock-pots and other cooking utensils, this would help us keep the program going. We have a kitchen on the ward to work with the Vets. This has turned into quite a success." - Larry Noon


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Last Year's Holiday Gift to our Vets!
Larry Noon Presents Gifts to Our Vets at the Northport VA.

Angels Without Faces Representative and Purple Heart Vietnam Veteran Larry Noon presents the Northport Veterans Hospital – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ward with $2025 in StopAndShop Gift Cards, Blue-Ray Player and a White Board from the contributions collected by the Angels Without Faces Community Organization. These gifts will be used by the recovering veterans in necessary life-skills training to help the veterans re-adjust to civilian life.


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Angels Without Faces Adopt A Family For the Holidays


Please help "The Angels" bring holiday happiness to our local families in need by selecting a family and purchasing a gift, for more information please email

You can also make a donation to "The Angels" holiday fund and our Angels will purchase a gift for these families.

Click HERE to Download PDF of all Families


The Faceless Angel
A thank you from one of our family members:


PRAY that there is ALWAYS a light on their path.

 PRAY that they ALWAYS have the Love, the support, and the prayers of those that they meet on their journey.

PRAY that they understand how deeply they touched our lives.

PRAY that they understand that the generosity and the beauty of their actions allows us to teach our children how to "pay it forward" so that they may lead "Beyond You" lives.

PRAY that they accept our gratitude ;

for it is ALWAYS in giving that we all receive.

Thank you for the beautiful gift.

Angels Golf Outing 2014!

Beautiful Day, Sold Out Golf Outing and Thousands of Dollars raised for families in need.......Priceless!

With out all our volunteer Angels this day would have been impossible. From the bottom of our hearts, to all in our Angels Family, Thank you.



The Game


The 19 Hole!

Thank You Notes:


"The Angels" Facebook Page
Keep up on fun and fundraising!

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"The Angels" Archive Page!
Photo and Event Highlights dating back to 2009!

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Newspaper Reports!
Local Newspapers Report on Angel Without Faces Happenings!

1/7/2010 Texas Hold'em Fundraiser

1/23/2010 Holiday Adopt a Family

2/12/2010 Community Service

6/24/2010 AWOF Organization

8/5/2010 Golf Outing

11/14/2010 Texas Hold'em Fundraiser

12/30/2010 Angels Organization of the Year

6/17/2011 Swing For A Cure

8/4/2011 Golf Outing

11/17/2011 Angels Poker

7/27/2012 Angels Golf Outing

9/3/2013 Rotary Club Breakfast

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For more information on how you can help or if you are a member of our community  in need of help, please contact Angels Without Faces at